Gold Medal Winning
5 Star Rated.

Success Vodka™ is made with the finest grains and distilled 6 times in an old fashioned pot still then filtered twice. It comes out sweet and smooth without the traditional ``bite`` other vodkas have. It is not only delicious, but also Gluten-Free, Kosher and 100% Organic.



Success Vodka™ is the concept of Alvin Philipose and Jeff Thurmon. Their endeavor started in the Fall of 2013. Mr. Thurmon was previously the distiller with a large distillery in Austin, TX and decided to start his own spirit. Determined to make a world class vodka, he began crafting spirits and ultimately came up with Success Vodka. The two began entering competitions and won the 2014 TOP 50 DOMESTIC VODKA contest held in New York. They were given a 5-Star Rating by who stated, "the care and craft is palpable in every sip". The Top 50 judges stated Success Vodka was "Smooth" and "Vibrant".

Success Vodka™ is featured as a ultra premium vodka in fine establishments such as KD's restaurant in Oklahoma City as well as Savor Gastropub and Nick & Sam's Steakhouse in Dallas, TX. It can be found throughout Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Ask for it at your local store, and tell your friends about us.

"Success Vodka is anything but typical. The rich flavors of the straight vodka aren’t for the casual club-goer looking for an easy buzz. Success is for those that care about what they drink, favoring an experience with the vodka over a sugary cocktail that hides the vodka. If this sounds like you, keep an eye out for Success." -VodkaBuzz